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About Us

Ekongson Treasure Ventures is a leading agricultural project management company with a core focus on breeding and marketing products like grasscutter, snail, fish, mushroom, and other livestock production, offering training services and solutions as well as inputs and equipment through our network of partners supported by a large retail footprint.
We deliver complete technology on Intensive and Extensive Systems based on agro-productivity and sustenance to meet your budgets.If you desire to invest in animal production in any form,we are ready and experienced to train, guide and mentor you wisely from procurement of suitable land, site survey, location of project set-ups, feasibility reporting and construction of formidable animal farms. With the quality of our breeding animals from our company, we can guarantee the output of your farm if we build it.
We don’t tell stories when you want to invest in agriculture. At Ekongson Treasure Ventures storytelling isn’t one of our strong points; that’s why we stick to what we do best: telling you everything you need to know and do to get the full benefits of your agricultural ventures, even before you acquire the land. Call or visit us today to know more about agriculture business you can establish, because with us nothing is hidden.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Ambition

Our Values

Our Mission is to be the number one livestock company of choice in all the markets that we operate in.

Our Vision is to drive food security across the nation-that will take Nigerians out of food dependency to food sufficiency.

Our Ambition is to foster an environment of creativity and innovation and as a result, re-establish a stable Nigeria society.

Our Values  are Integrity, Innovation, Honesty, Passion, Team Work and Service Excellence.

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