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Ekongson Treasure Ventures

is an Agro-Allied business which deals crop productions such as cucumber, plantains, bananas, cowpeas and watermelon.



Our Services


Agro-allied biz-cash  crop production like cultivating cucumber, plantain, banana, cowpeas, water melon  etc.

Fish Production: Locally compounded feeds are  used in our farms and bye products are  in our plantation.

Procurement: We supply both our products  to customers directly and through distributors. Our general contracts is in the area of agro allied consultancy and training.




Raising of broilers, layers turkey and selling of eggs to hotels eateries and households.




Pig meat is high demand  because Oil  company workers including Exon Mobil




There high consumption of fish and supply from the oceans is not enough. Plans are  on to start canning. We supply fresh, dried and smoked species.

Over 400 Local Customers

We have hundreds of happy customers all over the country who rely on us for their agricultural supplies.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to be the number one livestock company of choice in all the markets that we operate in, and our vision is to drive food security across the nation-that will take Nigerians out of food dependency to food sufficiency.

Local Customers